How to automate VST parameters?

Hi all,

Being very productive With renoise these days, i need now VSTi paramater routing for automation… Where can i find it?
It’s needed for my brutal FX on the track which can’t be achieved with the built-in DSP.


It is called “instr. automation” in the native meta device list of Renoise its pattern DSP list.

and if you’re using FX that accept midi notes: first create the effect, then make a instrument that is a VST alias.

Great, Thanks guys!

Hi, sorry to butt in, but I’ve just tried using this with Nexus, I pressed the Record button, then played a pattern, and while the pattern played I moved the fmodRes slider in the ‘instr. automation’ box, but when I played it back neither fmodRes slider, nor the Filter Modifier Res knob in Nexus moved. What else should I have done to get it to record this? I checked the ‘Linked Plugin’ was correct (it’s the first instrument in the song).

Drag the slider with right mouse button to record automation.

Check the Pattern Editor Control Panel to toggle recording directly into the pattern, or recording into graphical automations.