How To Be Timbaland In 3 Easy Steps!

1.) Rip off a chiptune.
2.) Throw drums underneath it.
3.) Have Nelly Furtado sing on it.

There you have it…I tried it, and it works!

Just take a listen!

ok… lolz thought i was going to have a laugh but this actually sounds pretty damn good to me. nice remix mate ! hah.

Sounds good, but Timbagood?


Timba was lucky (Edit: No, actually he wasn’t lucky, but he has talent, plus the understanding of what songs has “hit-potential”) He found a great chiptune that (has hit potential, and which) he put in the bakground, not as the main instrument. And he made it Pop-py, not megaman-ish.

Although this would probably work in Japan, where pop music actually sounds like this.

Not trying to be mean, but why is everyone all of the sudden trying to “prove” how easy it is to do what timbaland does? Face it, he’s an incredible producer! So what, he stole ONE chip tune, that doesn’t change everything else original he has done, and he has done ALOT.

Leave the guy alone already sheesh.

+9, dufey

that also means I like your remix hseiken, nice one :)

in parts it harshly out of tune (to my ears), but it’s actually pretty good, a nice, dirty, working mash-up. thumbs up.

This was more of a joke, than anything…a bit of fun and was really more of a mashup affair, but with some drums. So at least someone got it. :)

Next up, I’m going to sell it as a ring tone, except without the vocals! :D

The vocals are like a whole quatertone out of tune… :confused:…amp;sf=46190054

Awesome ripping skills! Journey to Silius has a great soundtrack.

Does this legalize his doing not to pay the original artist the deserved royals + giving credit? …me lols

Are you frequently listening to jpop? I don´t think so…

No, it wasn´t the only incident. There was something on youtube quite a time ago about a prooved second ripoff. Was about an arabian track (or melodie) or similar he took without crediting. Don´t know about the url right away, but I´m sure you´d find it easily.
There was also a statement from timbaland himself about this issues where he stated (and this is a sentence I won´t forget that fast): “If you´re an innovative producer, you take the melody and use it.”
… so, creativity is actually an easy thing. :)

last but not least - quote from wikipedia.

Timbagood? me lols again…
retard, imo


can´t do much with your remix actually. It seems quite well produced but the chipmelody compared to nelly´s singing is totally offtune. If it would be better tuned, I think I could much more enjoy it.
Looza! Your ears are still operational :)

phew, I am relieved. :yeah:

Not all experiments in mashups are perfect harmony. :) However, since I’ve got everything all chopped up now for easy insertion into something else, I’ll see how Crisis Force works… muahahaha…

(not really…I’m done with this acapella…not only am I not that big of a Timbaland fan, Nelly Furtado isn’t my cup o’ tea either…she’s hot, but I’d rather look than listen. :P )

how about the other thousands of producers “borrowing” melodies and such from other musicians? I think dufey’s only point was to say:

LEAVE THE GUY ALONE, I don’t see people bashing Venetian Snares
for example for “borrowing” other people’s brilliant work.

so before anyone lowers himself to the level of verbal bashing and
pseudo cynism, consider that this world is too big for you and me to
judge about anything we don’t know how to put in perspective.

hseiken, why not tune that one, for the sake of people liking it already ;)
and THEN we’ll encourage you to do ze mashup de la furtado

BotB, can you counter argue that Mosley’s attitude is completely disrespectful considering what he did? I’m sure you’ve heard his responses before and I’m sorry, but if someone caught me sampling something I didn’t clear (for lots of money I might add from a freely released song), I think a formal apology and public apology would be the very LEAST I could do…Timbo’s too above even simple courteousness, therefor NO, I won’t leave the guy alone unless I get bored of it.

I’m not out on a crusade against the guy, but the way he reacted showed that he’s just out for himself, doesn’t have any mutual respect for any artists (especially considering he used their work to write his hit…and as well, he’s actually going out and calling out specific producers in some of his music for the specific reason of name calling and disrespecting…something that can turn a decent rap song into pure juvenile penis envy lameness) and is completely ignorant to how sample clearances work.

No one’s said that sampling or being inspired by other artists is bad. I sample. A lot, in fact. However, I don’t use my samples for monetary gain, nor do I public harass the artists I sample. It’s a simple fact, as stated before, the guy’s got no tact and sounds like a stuck up asshole, regardless of if you like his music or what he’s done for his respective genres (for better or worse…). Straight up PIG.

However, when someone can point me to some kind of public apology he’s made, or a correction to his statements endorsed by himself, or any number of other noble actions, I will refrain from saying anything about him at all. Even a liner note in his CD case would be sufficient by this point…“Contains Sample of 'Acid Ja…'etc.”

yes, and the whole world agrees with you.
but if we’re gonna bash all the ASSHOLES in the music world,
there’s an even LONGER road ahead of us… and although I know
that you didn’t start this topic to give the whole Timbaland thing
another chapter, but this TIMBASATAN HE NEED DIE OF KILLING
attitude some people tend to show, is perhaps just as sad as ripping
off someone else’s work.

besides, there is no such thing as bad publicity, so in the end, the scene
has only upped his sales just this extra bit, so he can get a nice leather
sofa on his cruise ship.

but no hard feelings ol chaps

Trust me mate. It DOES all sound like this.