How To Beat An Unfriendly Hangover

Let’s hope it’s for you and your 2 friends, and not all by yourself! :blink: :o :)


Nah, my friends aren’t too good at Mega Man.

This is win, but no MegaMan X ?

Got all Mega Man X -serie games on my bookshelf, they’re also win.

f ye!

May I ask wheres the Bacardi for the cola? That cures hunger, not hangover.

Enough cholesterol there to stop a herd of elephants :blink:

Next up in line…

How to beat an unfriendly bowel movement. Surely that one comes with a kit list. Try slicing up some limes for juice, honey in your coffee or carrots, or some fiber… guaranteed floaters.

It’s almost 9 am. And I want Pizza.

More pizza music…

They also do MegaMan’s theme from different cartridges……_type=&aq=f

Haha! :D

Yes, that’ll probably cure all kinds of diseases - swine-flu, the plague, leper… you name it.

I only have Mega Man 1 and 2 for NES :( Lucky bastard!
Also still looking for Legend of Zelda (SHAME ON ME) and Castlevania 2.

Meh, I love pizza, but never really worked as a hangover cure for me. Used to try and cure it with a McDonald’s but after the initial taste hit, it just made me feel worse! I now stick with humous and pitta bread - it works wonders, especially if you got so drunk the night before you’re having trouble holding anything down. If the hangover’s not so bad, marmite and wotsists go nicely together in a pitta - trust me!

Damn it dude! After seeing that, I want some pizza now. The games are cool too, but I was always more of a genesis/dreamcast user.

Better drink the new coke zero, whiskies, wines or beers than pepsi, Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab (by the way, what’s ur pizza man!??!) and such too modern and high tech games like Counter Strike (LAN better), Warcraft(Dota Maps better), Such level up games and anything else than 8bit games. (No offense but, I’m just also makin’ an idea that the hangover will be more OMFG rock and Strong.)

The best cure for a hangover is simply water. Before, and afterwards :)

During, too. You’re going to pee a lot anyways, and water really helps more than anything else… as does eating the pizza before going to sleep (maybe with an aspirin for dessert just to be super safe :P).

It’s the drinking until the last moment then passing out that really fucks you up… and it’s much, much easier to prevent a hangover than to “cure” it.