How To Capture Arpeggio Midinotes

hi. renoise is pretty funky, allowing me to use the octave up octave down keyboard shortcuts to affect incoming mididata.

let’s say i have a 8 note arpeggio that’s playing slowly and surely. it’s repeating all the time, and i’d like to keep it that way. how do i re-implement the octave up octave down stuffs without having to select bits of the recorded data and transpose it up and down? can it be done nondestructively, or can this transposition be done with the automation?

also, how would i go about recording this slowrunning arpeggio that’s synced to the renoise bpm? (mpk mini arpeggio set to i think 1/4).
i’m really not that good at this kind of stuff, and prefer not to just record a pattern’s worth of audio and then loop that.altho things might be simpler this time since it’s just midinotes coming from outboard gear, which controls absynth4. it’s really pretty and i’d hate to lose it by accident.

If you’re working with samples you could set the pitch with the 01xx and 02xx pattern effects (though its way easier to just punch in the note you want, 01xx and 02xx are more for slides)
If you’re working with vst’s that have automatable pitch (like NI’s Massive) you could automate the pitch by assigning the pitch parameter to a slide of an automation device.

You’ve got me a bit confused with the recording part. Are you getting audio through or something? Are you working with external hardware?

Also, congratulations on your next post > 1000! whooh!