How To Change All The Volumes In The Mixer At The Same Time In Once ?

Hello :)

I often wish to change volumes in the Mixer, but it can be boring to do it track by track, especially when I need to increase or decrease exactly the same value in each track.

So the question is : is it a way to do it for all the track at the same time ?

Thank you !

Firstly: this is a beginners question, so please post it in the appropriate forum.

Secondly, you can’t do exactly what you describe in Renoise.

Thirdly, you can arrange a work around the given problem by sending groups of channels to a ‘group send channel’ where you can apply volume changes there that will equally affect everything sent there.

Well, besides the master volume fader, as Foo pointed out:you can add send-tracks to any track and send all the output of each track to one send-track and then control the fader of that sendtrack.
You will then (if you mute the source) practically seen, move the post-fader function of all those tracks to that one sendtrack.

Thank you for your answers :)