How To Change Keyboard Language?

My keyboard language is Russian by default, and Russian letters (i.e. when I type filenames of instrument names) display as strange symbols. I want to change that to english, but standard windows combinations (Shift+Alt/Shift+Ctrl) doesn’t seem to work.

Make English default and change to Russian Cyrillic set for every other program you start :P

Have you tried assigning a different keycombo to make this switch?

Do Svedanya.
Винни Пух.

(harharhar, this board even doesn’t support cyrillic!!)

No, it produces more difficulties in using other programs. I don’t like to switch languages every time. Though I’ll try different combinations :).

Êèðèëëèöà ïîääåðæèâàåòñÿ - maybe that works :)

Damn, that doesn’t work ))