How to Change MIDI Trigger Options?

So I got an Alesis PercPad, and I want to use it with Renoise. The only problem is when i hit a drum pad it triggers the sound for only a split second! How do I change it so that I just have to hit the keyboard/pad to trigger a sound, and not hold it down?

You could go into your Renoise MIDI preferences and set it up to ignore Note Offs, but that may result in some weird stuck notes depending on what you’re triggering. It may be better to configure the PercPad itself to use a longer note duration when you hit the pads. Drum pads can be a bit weird in general, so you’ll have to experiment a bit, I guess.

Not like that. I meantin just general. for live play too. Theres no way to edit the trigger length?

i guess that would work, but i wouldnt hear the sounds as I was recording them…

There’s no way to directly alter the length of a MIDI note that enters Renoise. This is really the job of your MIDI controller.

However, if you’re simply triggering some sample-based instruments, then you can of course go into the Instrument Settings and give it a volume envelope. Set it up with an envelope that’s long enough to play your whole sample after you hit the drum pad, and that should prevent it from cutting off the sound. If you’re working with a VST instrument, then you’ll obviously have to check the plugin settings to see what it offers, to set your sustain/decay/etc. to a suitable amount.

I was making a drum kit in renoise, and using my Perc Pad to trigger it, so that may work. I’ll test it out tomorrow,and let you know. Thanks for the help!