How To Change Properties (Volume, Pan, Envelopes Etc.) Of Sample?

Hi there,

with the new layers in the sampler, how can I change the envelopes, volumes, panning etc for one of the layers, but not for all others?
It seems that those settings are always global. Where is the switch?

Like in the previous version of Renoise its global. Its always been global.

It has been said in other threads, but i’ll repeat that the envelopes, volumes, panning etc aren’t up to par. There’s a long term strategy to make something better. Moving them from the center (and deliberately hiding them?) is part of a depreciation strategy.

Hope this helps.

Then I don’t understand the purpose of different layers, if they cannot have different settings. (Or I don’t understand your answer).
How do you guys do drum layering in Renoise? That should probably be a new thread…

Conner was discussing the envelopes,which are per instrument, you can however select per layer if you want the envelopes being used or not being used.
Unfortunately, you cannot indeed program envelopes per layer, this will come in one of the upcoming future updates.

When it regards to volume and panning per sample please refer to the bottom panel of Renoise in the sample section, there you can set individual panning and volume per sample.

How can I do this?

wow I just found the button haha nevermind.