How To Change The Pitch In Keyboard

I don’t really know how to ask this

well… you have your computer keyboard and the samples have a certain pitch range, in skale and ft2 you could choose slow or fast by clicking on F3 or F4

i have a sample and wanted it slower and the slowest is in the Z key but i wanted more than that

is there a key to change the range?

i didn’t know better but i bet someone will understand that


Change the ‘Keyb. Octave’ parameter in the upper left corner to 3, 2 or 1 :)

oh my god… i love this program so much

everything is in the right place, yes it has a lot of stuff going on but as soon as you know where the things are everything flows

thanks! :)

If your keyboard has a numeric keypad the main keys for changing this are / and * on it, otherwise secondary bindings have been added of CTRL + [and CTRL +]

Haha I know! It’s near perfect for me.
Have fun!

if there’s a button i’ll go for it, thanks :)