How to collect parts for a PC to replace all Apple forum topics


-Casing (40-100)
-Power Supply (can come with the casing) (30-50)
-CPU or processor. (Intel pref. for hot conditions) (90-150-much-more)
-CPU cooler (can come with a Boxed CPU): match the CPU. (15-20)
-Motherboard: match the CPU. (70-100)
-Memory: match the motherboard bus frequency. (30-60)
-Video Card is on the motherboard or seperate, match the motherboards slots. (0-90)
-Harddisk(s) and rails (70-100)
-DVD/R writer (20-30)
-Screen (or your television?) (100-200)
-Keyboard (8-17)
-Mouse (5-17)
-USB stick with Windows 10 and a license (108)
-some screws (2)
-the people to screw and connect it for you at the store (40)

-Card reader (10)

total: in between cheapo (638) expensive (1094) and much moreā€¦

For those who consider buying an apple.