How To Connect Songs I Made With Renoise To Play All Songs Live Withou

Hello I made many songs with renoise, and i would like to know how to load them all in renoise in order to play all the tracks without loading the next song when the previous finished ?

The aim is to play the live without blanks, and without having “silence” between songs, because of loading the next song. Thanks.

There is no such option with Renoise to do so.

Years ago I used 2 amiga’s connected to a dj mixer, that was cool.

I think it would be a fantastic option.


make this as a suggestion!

Great, great!

Ready made fixed tracks for dj session end of the track is part of the new one :P


What about opening 2 renoises at the same time and try to mix them. It could be easier if you have 2 stereo output in your soudcard (or 2 soudcards) and a mixer. But you will certainly need to use the DXmode (at least on 1 renoise) instead of the ASIO mode.

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