how to constrain MIDI note recording to one column ?

Hello and happy new year to all !

I am recording a monophonic melody on the fly from a MIDI keyboard, and I have 3 questions, of which the 1st is my main issue :

Is there a way of preventing Renoise to create additional columns within my track when notes (almost inevitably) overlap ? And if not, then is there an easy way to merge all columns after recodring ?

Is there a way of quantizing on the fly, instead of adding tick offset for almost every note ?

Is there a way of recording (say) aftertouch directly to the curve editor (the panel behind the effects panel) instead of the effect column, in order to get a smoother rendering of it?

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Renoise will automatically record all up to 12 notes per line within the duration of this line. The line also has a duration. Everything you record during that duration will accumulate from left to right within the line.

The only way I can think of doing this is to create a tool that pre-cleans the entire line inside the track before recording any notes. This capability is integrated in the Chord Builder module of the Piano Roll Editor tool.

What you ask will inevitably cause you to lose notes.

Select the pattern editor and press the Q switch (quantification). Does not this work for you?

Renoise can record the effects of automation in two ways, directly in the effect columns of the pattern editor or by points in the automation editor. Use the left switch of the “Q” switch.

Thanks !

I didn’t know any of these solutions.

I’m gonna check them out.

I’m confused about question #1 – if you played more than one note at the same time, you can’t collapse that to a single column because a column can only contain one event per line; the whole point of the additional columns is to allow multiple events on the same line. If you played two notes on line 1 but only want one column, where is the second note going to go?

Another thing to perhaps consider is the “Mono” button (instrument properties), whichrestricts the instrument to using only a single note at once. That means, by definition, that no extra columns are going to be created, because the instrument won’t allow two notes to be played simultaneously. Everything will play record into a single column, one note at a time. Perhaps this is what you’re looking for?

#2 – yes, use the input quantization. there is a box below the pattern editor to select the value (in lines) that you want your input to be quantized to.

#3 - hmm, good Q; so by default aftertouch is recording into the pattern editor because that’s the default behavior for MIDI performance controllers. But it will also show up as a selection in the automation panel, so I’m thinking there should probably be a way to make it record into there in the first place…hopefully somebody else here knows.

Thanks, m.arthur

#1: It’s just that I don’t always lift a finger right before bringing another one down. Sometimes it’s a few ms later, rather than a few ms before. When playing the piano as I have, it doesn’t make any difference. But it makes a huge difference to Renoise.

Anyway, thanks for the “mono” trick. That’s what I was looking for.