How To Control Tracker Effects

the title says it all…

i’m not sure it is possible though…perhaps this post should be moved to the suggestion list then?

i would like to control a parameter that normally is in the effect column, such as a volume slide. Any single parameter effect could in theory be controlled in the automation window, but in the dropdown list I can only see volume, panning and width (which are not really part of the effects).

am i missing something or is it not possible


it is indeed already into planned efatures list

But where is this planned features list kept? I am a registrered user if that matters…

it’s on developers’ hard disks.

would be good to have it published somewhere, but this is also a planned feature :)

Well, the planning of the plans are already planned…

Well, the planning of the plans are already planned…

Actually, that’s not planned yet, but it’s on our todolist :P

Hmm, would certainly make it more accessible. I like the idea. Just keep them autohidden, like pan, to avoid a messy, crowded pattern.