How To Convert 08Xx (Panning) And Volume Commands To Midicc (07 And 10

Hi All,

Now that I can finally start working seriously with Emulator X3 in Renoise, I’ll have a lot of dumb questions to ask.
Don’t know if I should create a topic each time, but… here are my first questions!

I’ve imported one of my “old” IT files in Renoise, which used integrated instruments and samples, with 08xx (panning in Effect column) and volume commands (in the dedicated volume column) to add some classic panning and volume effects.

I’ve changed all my instruments to use presets from the Emulator X3 VSTi sampler.
But, as indicated in the manual, the above effects are not routed to the VST instrument: volume and panning knobs are not moving in Emulator X3.

I’ve read some info about that and understood that I’d have to use Automation or MIDICC to get these effects in my VSTi.
I’ve played with both of them, and they’re both working: using a CC10 in MIDICC and drawing an envelope in Automation accordingly sends panning effects to the plugin.

But I can’t figure how I can send an effect command for each individual note played?

  • Do I absolutely have to change ALL my old commands to dedicated MIDICC commands in the Pattern editor? (which would be extremely time-consuming - I don’t know if the Pattern editor has some kind of “Search & Replace” function like in OpenMPT…)

  • Or is there a way to dynamically “convert” or “map” the old 08xx (Panning Effect) and Volume commands as MIDI CC07 (Volume) and MIDI CC10 (Panning) commands understood by the VSTi? That way, I wouldn’t have to change anything in the pattern editor…

Many thanks for your tips and tricks!


You will have to change your commands yes, this is a price-tag that unfortunately hangs on desiring to work with older imported module formats, but if you can get the MIDICC or Automate device to work on all commands on your VST, you will be better off by removing the commands and simply use the automation completely and this is why: The automation interpolates values (with steps of the amount of ticks you set in the song-settings) between start and end of the pattern line while a pattern effect command is an instant effect without having the possibility of interpolation.

Hmm… OK.

I took some time to check this out.

First, I couldn’t find a way to send a volume or panning control change to my VSTi. I put C0 in the panning column and 07xx or 10xx in the effect column, and it does not work.
However, setting C1 in the panning column and a value in the effect column successfully sends a pitch bend command.

Well, nevermind.
I actually found that my old 08xx commands lead to a panning change I can hear.
I also tried 0Cxx commands, and it definitely has an effect on the track volume.
I thought I read that such effects wouldn’t work with VSTis… oh, well.

This behaviour would quite suit my needs, actually.
I can use Automation to enhance panning or volume effects if I need to.

But, now, I have to ask…
I may be completely stupid, but I can’t find any simple “Find” command in the Edit menu, just like every other bare software.
Does Renoise offer a way to search and replace values entered in the pattern editor?
OpenMPT has always had such a feature and it was absolutely perfect…
How could I, for example, search for pattern lines which have, eg. a “0C7F” value in an effect column on the whole song?

I’d like to do the following, to convert my old non-working volume commands to kinda working “change the track pre-mixer volume” commands (0Cxx):

  • search for all pattern lines having eg. “80” in the volume command (max value)
  • put a “0CFF” effect value in an empty effect column slot
  • delete the old non-working volume column value.

I found that “Advanced Edit” feature, but I can’t figure if I can do what I described above using it…

Can you help me on these particular points?

Many thanks,

I don’t think Renoise has any search and replace built in but song data is stored in a standard .xml file so you could do it quite easily offline with any editor of your choice. 2.6 Scripting should bring in the possibility for users to also create simple scripts that can do this from within an open song but that isn’t quite here yet…

Yeah! 2.6 scripting! :w00t: