How To Convert Old (1.9 Speed) Xrns To New (2.0 Lpb) Files?


I´d like to convert my xrns files to the new LPB format.

It seems that control +s don´t do the job.
…and saving under a new name neither makes use of the LPB method for existing projects.

How can i convert my files and try the new features of the 2.0 fileformat ?º

I can see that now songs use while my 1.9 songs use

It seems that the fileformat upgrade passed unnoticed for many people…

Does de the new format has any other improvements apart of the new “LPB” compared with the now “old” 1.9 ?

  • Klez

look at the “Song Settings” window…

Yeah !

You are rigth, there is a button under the “Song Settings” labeled “upgrade to latest version”.

Maybe that´s what i´ve looking for. I don´t know what it is going to do to my files, but Renoise is not for cowards!

Thanks It-Alien :)