How To Create Confincing Kick-Rolls?

i`ve been trying really hard to create these kick-rolls you often hear in drum-and-bass tunes (maybe i can post a example later, but i hope you know what i mean - bum, bum, bumbumbumbum, brbrbrbrrr :) ). i’ve tried different velocety settings and played around with the retrigger-effect, but all my results sound really choppy. the kicks simply don’t "roll’ the way i want them to do. can sombody help me, please?

thanks, kazoo

edit: i mean convincing, not confincing :D

ok, i have never really tried this out myself, but i (think i) do know the trick. use the delay-column or delay-effect to get the stutter out of the rolls, and make them roll more smoothly. so try something like:

C400 – ----
C400 20 ----
C400 40 ----
C400 20 ----

again, that is not the definite way to do it, but experiment with that kind of stuff to get it rolling. i’m sure someone with more experience in this field can comment further.

20,40,20 as velocety values really helped a lot. now i start experimenting with delay values. thanks!

You can also use the strum tool for that :)
It still works when updating the API version for now. Most tools will be updated when 2.7 turns final so this API version update doesn’t have to be done by users.