How To Create Continuous Paste? / Shortcut For Clonepattenr+copy?

i see theres a shortcut for clone-pattern-copy in the pattern order list, but i cannot seem to find it in the keyshortcuts. i’d like to define that key to be alt-o (in classic impulsetracker fashion), but i can’t seem to find it. where is it, please?

i’ve tried to configure alt-p to be continuous paste, but it seems to not do paste more than once. is this something that renoise refuses to do, or am i doing something wrong, please?


go to key preferences, select “pattern editor” or “sequence editor” in the dropdown box, and type “clone” in the searchbox below the dropdown box: those which will appear are all the cloning options which are into Renoise, so you will be able to assign them all

paste contnuosly does not work if the block you are trying to paste outcomes the boundary of a pattern: for example, if you have copied a 40-rows block, you cannot paste it on a 64-rows pattern more than once.

if you thought that paste continuosuly acted on something different than block selections, then you are wrong about it and this lead to the misunderstanding.