How to cycle modulation tabs? (volume,pitch,cutoff,resonance)

hi, i’m wondering if there is a way to force the instrument editor window to show specific tabs?

I’m basically looking at a way to access the volume or the pitch tabs with a shortcut. i’m trying to modify my F4 function key from simply switching between modulation view and the sample editor view. any clues?

i tried grepping modulation but didn’t really grok what i’m looking at (=which function to call)

I mean, I’m seeing






but i’m not seeing how to decide which to make visible.

EDIT: misread your post, see dblue’s post bellow

I don’t think that’s possible. all selected_something is in if I recall correctly
What you should be looking for is<what you’re looking for>_index =
Target is only related to what the sample modulation set device will be affecting, as the sample modulation set devices are all on the same index.

You can switch between the main instrument sections via (See Renoise.Application.API.Lua for more), but it’s currently not possible to target the individual modulations such as volume, pitch and panning.