how to deal with meta devices & track order

Hi, i really like the meta devices, but i find restrictions in the order of tracks (right, left) necessary to them to work. this is a noob question but is not possible to move tracks around? How you deal with that?

This affects the signal follower, right? Have you tried routing via a hydra device?

you can move a track by drag&dropping its name with mouse: the name of the track is at the top of the track itself in pattern editor or in the mixer view

This only matters when using Signal Follower I guess. Otherwise you can arrange your tracks in any way you want.

Yes, I was working with the signal follower mostly. Drag and drop the name! ja, i didnt tried that (i tried to move the track in the mixer, or cut it in the options menu)
thanks, i think that now i can start to play wildly modular madness