How to delete a line...

Fairly new at renoise. I looked all over the Internet and watched beginners tutorial… But I can’t figure out how to do this simple task. Probably simple, but I want to delete a line from a pattern, preferably with a shortcut. I tried backspace, but that shifts the rest of the pattern. I tried delete, but that only gets the note, not effects or even velocity. I tried Ctrl-x, but that requires selecting with mouse. What am I missing?

Clear row = Alt + Del

When you delete by backspace, you could afterwards also re-add an empty line by pressing “insert”.

You can check (and of course change, add or delete) all shortcuts yourself in: Edit -> Preferences -> Keys

Or just select - either with the mouse, or keyboard shortcuts, and clear selection.

Yeah you can select a line like in excel by clicking on a line number, might help.

Alt-Del does it, thanks!