How To Destroy Angels

Anyone here as excited as I am? :o


claps frantically and screams: Oh good golly, that’s just great!

Right Where It Belongs?

Ghosts I-IV is absolutely recommended sonic diving

Anyone knows what synth this is?
I keep looking at those gorguos fingers :)


I love those fingers!
oh the things I would do those fingers…

As for the synth, as you should have read in that other forum, is a Swarmatron

Mighty beast!

I wasn’t particularly fond of ghosts at all, so I really hope this project doesn’t stem off that idea <_<

I cannot possibly resist, sorry.



Drowning for me is a lil boring, i mean i heard these nin-a-like hooks many times.
Lets wait for a full album.

I remember when Survivalism came out i wasnt impressed too. But the whole album was a killer.

I am.

wow their hype was much better than the music :(
looked so promising too
iv downed the free ep from their site and have to say it isnt very good at all
the songs are mediochre at best, the worst song(or best depends on your taste) sounds like a reject from ibiza dance hits 95 or something
the mixing and mastering sounds like it was done without listening to the sounds
some very poor distorted drum loops on one song makes me cringe so bad i cant listen to the song more than once
but saying all that, there are some good ideas hidden amongst it all
and it is a free ep, maybe its just a ruff version before they release a propper album? lets hope so

not related to HDA but i think this is getting released this year…

Nine Inch Nails - Theme For Tetsuo The Bullet Man

compared to Nine Inch Nails they are simply genius
you dont need to push that s**te on this thread

NIN - Theme For Tetsuo: The Bullet Man
written for the ending credits of the movie

Yep. Really like the EP. Lovely sounds. Thoughtful songs. Fresh ideas coming from Mariqueen and Atticus. Dark, groovy and atmospheric. Sophisticated.

I listened to the ep a couple of times for the last three days, and all I can say is that it grows on me :walkman:

also: multitracks for “The space in between” and “A Drowning” at

yes it does actualy grow on me too

theres my remix :)