How To Disble Annoying Pop-up Menu In Pat. Edi?

I really appreciate all your effort to improove renoise and to get it closer to regular(I mean non tracker) users. But, what I absolutely hate in version 1.5 is that absurd, non-tracker style, time consuming, non-effective pop-up menu which appears when you push right mouse button inside pattern editor. In version 1.28, I was used to jump across the cracks, from one track to another, simply by one right click. I got used to it, so please, can I disable this nightmare somehow? I DO NOT WANT the menu(with render selection, humanize, copy, transpose etc.) to appear every time when I push the right mouse button!!!It makes me mad. :w00t: :panic:

Can it be redefined or disabled?Maybe through editing some ini or txt file associated with renoise?

Thanks and don´t be angry, I still love renoise.

The rightclick context menue was definatly done on purpose for these extended functions like render selection and stuff. Where would you want to have them otherwise then? I think it´s quite handy and I´m an oldskool tracker too. You have just to get used to it :)

and btw. Pressing “TAB” or “SHIFT+TAB” (in case you didn´t changed your keyb.shortcuts) works wonders :)

Still I think its a waste to ‘dedicate’ a meny to the right mouse button. Its more irritating than useful to me.
Of course by default it should be like it is now. But an option to change the behaviour would be great.
When you learn the hotkeys you dont need the meny that often. So it would be better to get the meny with a modifier key + rightclick.
Have a look at Adobe Audition. It has this option. Freeing up a lot of useful functions to the right mouse button.

Absolutely agree with this a modifier + right-click (option) would be much appreciated. It was a bit of a backwards step losing this + keyjazz options in 1.5 IMO.

You can also click on the tracks in the scopes if you want to quickly jump to a specific track that isn’t enclosing the track of your current cursorposition.

Wasn’t difficult for me either. On the other hand switching now to use some modifier would be another bit of a problem.

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