How To Do A/b Comparison Of Tracks?

anyone know of a tool/plugin that allows for quick and easy comparison of two or more samples? what I mean is, you load the samples, begin to play one and then switch between the samples without changing the seek position.

I know I could do it by loading them all as samples into renoise and muting tracks, but that’s not as “quick and easy” as I would like it to be… and maybe something like this exists already?

ctrl + number of channel on numpad?

aww, yes i’ve also been looking for something like this!
up until now i’ve been using wavelab, aligning different tracks horisontally and switching like crazy between the windows while hitting space for start/stop. it works, but it’s very clumsy.

tried googling audio software mastering “a-b testing”.
no relevant results, it seems :ph34r:

We cannot possibly be the only ones who need that… but yeah, whenever I searched I found nothing, and the software people use to pick out the difference between mp3 converters generally wasn’t any use, either.

no? I already mentioned that I don’t consider using Renoise for that “quick and easy”… and it doesn’t allow for seeking, so… no!

I mean drag, drop, play, switch, seek…

I c now…my bad english in action :)

Make yourself a template in Renoise with two channels, on each channel add an LFO attached to volume, first chan eg. 8 lines opened, then 8 lines closed, second channel 8 lines closed, 8 lines opened, adjust length to taste. Should come pretty close to your wish.

Just saw the no Renoise … use the same setup in something like Reaper instead. :P

hey, that’s actually a good idea… just some random simple sequencer/multitrack thing that allows drag and drop from explorer directly to audio tracks… overkill, but who cares!

Surely any DAW with audio tracks can do what you want, no? Reaper? MaCaw?