How to draw Volume Envelope

Hi guys

I am attaching file to see what I imagined - in past 2.8 I know where volume envelopes were, but I suppose in V3 it is somewhere that I can`t find.

I want to lower volume of loaded sample on the beginning [to set a non-destructive volume] and leave it as it is at the end.

Is there a chance to do so and where?

… now I realized there is Modulation tab below, but - can wave bi visible in back? It would be also perfect if there will be a realtime pitch-shift that might go over 100% [I always think I would need 105% of desired effect. But then I cloned effect and added 5% there ![:)](

could this tool help for your first request?

It would need an API 4.0 update and perhaps then it might quench his thirst.

Thank you guys. Well I guess WaveLab’s sample editor works perfect for easy volume control. I suppose you already knows it but here is screenshot [it might help what would be amazing and extremely useful to Renoise sample users]: