How To Enter Notes?

hey all. first of all i want to say that tho i’ve been makin music for some years now and coming from the world of cubase/ableton live, i find renoise to be quite frustrating. still there is smth that attracts me to it. i’ve downloaded the demo, the pdf tutorial, the video tutorial but still can’t find how to enter a note. i know i can record notes after generating a drumkit map, but i want to enter them by hand. i’ve tried double clicking and then pressing c4 but the sample plays and that’s it.

i’m sure this will seem like an idiotic, retarded question to all u ’ Tibet Guruh Motha Fakka is Levitating and Know Everything in Renoise Members’ but, please bare with me and maybe offer some help.

ez, dumi

press ‘esc’

i just recently managed to figure that out myself.
thanks anyway

Well, if anything else, feel welcome to ask again, no matter how stupid you may think we consider it. (as we don’t consider such questions stupid)

thanks, i will :ph34r:

A friend of mine were using FT2 for playback only a whole year or so until he by accident noticed that he could press ‘space’ and actually edit something himself.

I thing that “press esc to enter edit mode” should be a mandatory sentence in any tutorial, easily missed I suppose. I’m just used to it all. :)