How To Generate Drum Kit From The Key That You Want?

Is it possible to change the key from which Renoise starts to Generate Drum Kit, or it always has to be c-4?

There are "two ways’ to do this.

The first will give you for example a pitched up note on the wrong one. For example an G#4 on the place of the C-4. You Generate Drum Kit and change the Selected Split’s Basenote for each note (drumshot).

And the second way you’ll choose manually where the note has to be placed.

If I’m correct their is no way to directly change all the notes of the drumkit in advance. Hope you understand, had to be quick because their is some guy next to me whining to go get something to eat. xD

Thanks Viniman, there are still easier ways however…:

Renoise up to V2.1 currently defaults to C-4 as base-note offset, this is currently being worked on.
You can use the RiGen tool meanwhile (If you have Windows) to assemble a drumkit instrument using a different basenote as offset (check the “autogenerate drumkit map” and set the “Split’s Basenote” to the offset from which you want the drumkit to start).

Other external Renoise song / instrument tools:

Thank you both, guys!
RiGen saved my life :D