How To Get Accurate .xm Replay In Renoise?

Hello, Ive been composing music using milkytracker for ages now and recently moved to renoise.
I have a load of my songs in .XM (fasttracker2) format. When I load an .XM file into renoise the replay of the instrument envelopes and pattern commands is wrong. I know that renoise uses a different ‘engine’ (or something :unsure: ) for playback so I can understand why this happens.

SO, Is there is anyway to ‘repair’ the track quickly so that it sounds like the original again? (without having to go through and tweak each effect command and instrument envelope individually) - any help much appreciated

Yes there is… oh - I forgot the second part of your question:

No, there is not.

Although theoretically Renoise offers the same effects as FT2 (and more) most XMs had a unique sound because FT2 had some bugs in interpreting its own fileformat, too. Some effects had to sound different by math but as ft2 had some flaws, the soundeffects changed the way they do.

Excerpt from XMplay-readme:

For Renoise this would mean: If the user loads an outdated, old format turn program into some sort of buggy effects interpretation and make stuff like 09xx hard to understand for people who understood the logic.

The best way to get your stuff accurate in renoise would be to load the xm data and really take the time to convert it by hand. It sucks but on the other hand, you might improve your music.

Ok, thanks. Ill just have to go through and change the .xm effects to their equivalent effects in renoise …