How To Get These Plugins?

How do you get these Apple AU’s? mine don’t have an interface like that.

You can find them under Track DSPs//AU//Apple. Activate one and click on External Editor for the interface and you’re done. Of course, you have to enable Audio Unit plugins in the appropriate preferences section.

The interface is different so how do i get the interface from the Renoise screen shot

Upgrade OSX / Garageband?

they do work in logic 9.1.4 but don’t show up in ableton live either due live not being compatible with cocoa-GUI’s. i assume this is also the case with renoise.

Hm, I have that plugins, and they do look the same like on that image in first post. I think Renoise is capable displaying all of that plugins. I have now tried all of them and they work just fine. Didn’t used them at all, but who knows… Which version of OSX are you using?

i’m on 10.6.7, i only got the sliderbox-gui

I am on 10.6.8 here and mine (but not all of the plug-ins) look like the first screen shot. It might be included in that update. I also had to re-install the Apple Pro software package (for Logic, Aperature, etc) because Logic just kept crapping out and it could have been when I did that. Some of the plug-ins now act like native Renoise DSP units in that all the controls are in a box, no need to bring up an external editor (MatrixVerb was one of them - you actually can’t bring up an external edit window). I waited for a long time to upgrade to Snow Leopard, and before that, I just had the older grey slider windows. They look so nice now I actually want to use them! :D

I have those nice GUIs and I’m running 10.7.2 and have never installed Garageband or Logic on this system.

according to this blog the update to Snow Leopard (10.6) or beyond updates the plugins