How To Install Vst`s

C:Program FilesRenoiseVstPlugins
I install it there in the VST section of Renoise it says “No effects found”
I got some VST`s installed in the folder ,but what am i doing wrong?

Please help me :(

check that
Configs => Misc/VST => VST Directories

have been set properly

no need to describe the same problem in two different threads.…iew=getlastpost

Sorry. I posted wrong first and decided the right place was the help section :P
Thxc for the help anyway. The vst config wasn`t set right ;)

the problem is described yes…
but not explained …
I still don’t know where to install the VST file to

You may install them to any directory on your HDD. Then just set the directory in Configs, like It-Alien wrote. You can set up to two different directories Renoise shall search for VSTs in.