How To Integrate My Korg M3 Into Renoise?


I would like to integrate my korg M3 as a MIDI master controller. The M3 has an “external mode”, in which all controls send some midi cc.

Now how do I setup Renoise (2.8) in a way that I have:

  • a general controlling scheme for all vsts/aus

  • Play / stop / rev / fastforward / rec

  • instrument selection

  • preset selection in vsts/aus

  • seq next / prev

  • maybe also mixer sliders?

Should I use a script addon like Duplex? As far as I understand, I have to define a meta automation device for vsts and connect the sliders of it with some sliders on the m3. So I should make some convention that slider 1 is cutoff for example etc. And then save the meta device as dsp chain, so I can easily add this setting to any vst?

Then I also include an x-y meta device to represent the stick of the M3…

Maybe anybody here is already using the M3 with Renoise? Are there any prests already available for it?

Thanks and regards.