How To Link Effect's To Midi Controller ?

Hi, How does this linking effects (DSP’s) to MIDI controller work ? I’ve been thinking about buying kontroller so I could just push the slider and turn the knob but haven’t figured out how does those Effects will be linked with kontroller.

Well in the most simple way, press ctrl/command+M , click on the slider that you want to link your controller to and then simply move the controller that you want to attach it to. Renoise picks up the signal and then binds that controller to that slider.
Is not much more to it.

Thank you, how about just effect on and effect off ? Can it be done with single push of a button or key ? Anyhow I’d like to know that one even I don’t have controller yet. Is there a single key which I can hit when song is running to turn the effect on and off ? And can the on/off lighted button to be linked to controller ?

And how do I get the slider off the controller ? ctrl + M and it is on but with what key-combination it is off ?