How To Load Usine As Vst Instrument

Can anyone help me with Usine - - Vst version of this modular environment has 2 instances VST (load as effect) and VSTi (load as instrument), but both are in effect browser in renoise so i cant load it as instrument. Nothing important for me, but its fun.


Do they both have a different unique ID? (hover above the question mark, the ID will be shown in the tooltip)
If they both have the same, you might need to select the FX alias in the VST instrument list.
The FX alias appears in the VST instrument list after you have added the VST effect to the track.

But if i read your post correctly, there are two different VST modules of which one is an effect module and the other an instrument module.
If those plugins both state their type as an Effect plugin, then this is a problem the plugin-developer has to fix.

Yes, there are, but i was thinking thats just the matter of write some "magic phrase" in some "magic plugins database". Well, i post to the sensomusic to solve the problem. Thanks for reply

The VST interface specifications have clear rules about how a VST should present itself to its host.
There are a lot of plugin developers who do not obey even the basic frame-rules (fundaments) of these VST interface specifications which makes their product pretty useless.
Many Host-developers write code to circumvent such errorneous plugin code but this kind of toleration is not the way to discipline plugin developers.

The basic test to figure out quick if a plugin problem is a bug in the plugin or in the host is to google if the problem occurs in more hosts.
If a plugin causes the same issue in different hosts, you can mark such error as a bug in the plugin.

In other cases the host developer has to perform some tests on the plugin to see if the host has some problematic code or whether the plugin is still having unexpected behavior (outside interface specs).