How To Lower Metronome Volume? Owwww

hi, how do i lower metronome volume??

There is MetronomeVolume entry in the Config.xml file. You can edit the value (from 0 to 1) in there and when you restart Renoise the new volume will be used. On Windows it’s in the hidden Application Data folder in your user account folder. Not sure where it should be on a Mac though (if I remember correctly you were on a Mac?)

If you want it lowered in general, you could edit the wavefile Metronome.wav in renoise’s folder “Skin”.
subset’s been faster and with a more convenient solution I guess…

Thanks, took the time to -22.5dB the metronome.wav and made a copy. cheers.
unbelievably loud and no volume control in prefs… … … :rolleyes: