How to make an artist website

So, you’ve always wanted your artist website… But you did not know where to start?
Here is a webpage for those of you that want to create an artist webpage.

Below, this Sitemaker by EatMe will create a webpage to your custom artistic desires.
You can edit the resulting HTML file with any text editor (WordPad, TextEdit) to edit the webpage further.

Update the result after editing and Save (index.html or what your site will use)
with the green Make The Webpage button, then wait for 2 seconds…
Mouse over the (i) for information on each entry field,
or view the parameter descriptions at the bottom of the sitemaker page for an overview of all options.

To do after this, (free) webhosting for your webpage…
Optionally, for a URL, get a domain name that can only be typed in 1 way when heard.

Bonus tip: get a free website at and upload your website as index.html and not_found.html to catch all not found places on your site too!

Sitemaker by EatMe is free!
special custom Renoise fanboi site with Renoise tutorials in sitemaker example…