How To Make An Automatic Random Alternate Pan Left/right For 1 Track

Hello :)

I would like to have a track playing automatically alternate pan left / right, could you explain me how to make this effect (maybe an hexa command at the start of the track ?).

Thank you (and sorry for my english, hope it is clear enough !) :)

Attach an LFO device to the panning and use the random sequence? Look at this:

Steps to do it:

  • Drag Meta -> LFO Device from effects into your DSP Chain
  • Choose Dest: TrackVolPan : Panning
  • Adjust the LFO to your tastes

Good times!

Excellent !

Thank you Conner_Bw ;)

What you want to do? A hammond with lesley-box imitation?
I used to do this with two instruments using one panning envelope alternating from left to right and the other doing the opposite.