How To Make Renoise Wait To Record Until You Press A Button?

In FL Studio theres an option to were it won’t start recording unti you start playing.
Is this avalible in Renoise?
Thanks for any help you can give…


this is (sadly) not a option in renoise, i myself would love this also (wait for midi input) but there is a option for a count-in, which is in the audio settings.

i suspect it could be possible to script this, but someone with more scripting-knowhow should comment about that.

This one comes close,
Problem with this is that you need to unassign your midi device from the master selection to be able to have it available for scripts.
But as soon as you hit a button, it needs to become a master device again so frankly you don’t come far with scripting if everything has to be done from the same device. (Unless the new API Midi devicelist also allows listening to master device A/B/C or D, i haven’t checked this lately)

Necro Soulid: Do you mean recording Audio/Samples or notes?

For notes this indeed is not possible, for recording samples it is.

Like it won’t start recording what you write into the loops until you start playing.
I guess you could hit shift at the right time, provided you have the right timing…

Or pressing escape a little before renoise is reaching the actual recording point.