How To Make Sample Louder Without Clipping Having Already Normalised I

Hi, I have a sample which has been normalised so that the peaks are touching the top and bottom edges of the sample editor window. I want to make it louder. can anyone suggest a way to do this without clipping occurring? sorry if this is stupid question. thankyou for all help, i really appreciate it

you should use a compressor. Renoise has a built-in one in the track DSP list.

add a compressor in a track, place a note of your sample inside the track and use the “render to sample” feature to create a compressed sample. of course, you should tweak the compressor’s parameters in order to obtain the desired result, but there is an entire literature to study about this topic.

in a very short way:

  • raise the gain
  • lower the threshold
  • render to sample
  • maximize the rendered sample

thankyou! much appreciated!

You might also try lowering the volume on the other elements in the track.

^^^ this … also, shoving a simple gainer on the track where the sample is playing is better than using a compressor on it for no good reason

As a side note: It’s always better to lower the volume of your tracks and then crank the volume of your speakers instead of continually trying to make individual samples louder

use an eq. lower the most present freq. and slightly cut the unwanted areas with hi and lo pass.
do that before using a compressor will help.

Try to use wave shaper or distortion with distortion curve. Apply parabolic curve, that moves middle-valued samples up a bit. This make sample louder without touching peaks.