How To Make That "big Trance" Sound?

Does anybody here know a technique to make pads sound thick and “buzzing” like Ian Van Dahl style? particularly in his song “Will I” , i would love to get a sound like that but i don’t even know where to start. i call it “beehive trance” because it sounds like 1000 bees buzzing at you. anybody know any good vsti’s or filters to apply to get this sound? thanks

The sound youre looking for is probably one that is found in a softsynth called Vanguard. Its not supersaw, but it uses a very slick “fattening” technique to make those bees multiply.
Vanguard is not free though.

enough bees? :)

click, load and learn
Uses SuperwaveP8 and native Renoise Dsps.

Nice example ptrance ! :guitar:
Pretty tight and massive sounding

Thanks :)
btw. If you ever have the opportunity to get the Superwave Performer VSTi, then grab it! Two oscillator banks with each 8oscs and you can really do some massive detuning with your saws :)

only problem is that it is “really” cpu killing

You can try Transcender, made for trance leads, 10 oscillators panned in stereo.
Dream Vortex Studio

Regards Martin

I’ve tryed. Nice little freebie.

But frankly rgcaudio z3ta+ is oustanding yet from all softsynths.
It has own unique rough character. And 2x oversampling mode - is roof blow off!

BTW: it’s VERY CPU hungry sometimes

thanks a lot man! i checked this out and learned a lot. i also learned how to use automation envelopes from this demo, but i still can’t get my modulation automation to work. i loaded my own file and tried to duplicate everything you did, but whenver i add the “modulation delay” or whatever it is that makes the pad sound more “covered up” at the beginning and “opened up” near the end ( i can’t check the exact name because i am at work right now), whenever i changed those settings, it wouldn’t apply it to the synth… yet other automation things such as volume worked just fine.

any idea what is wrong ? am i missing something here?