How To Make Vst Only Respond To Channel#2?

Hi, how do I make a VST or AU instrument only respond to a specific midichannel? I’m using a setup where one midiport is sent midichn#1 (for one synth) and midichn#2 (for renoise VST), and even if I set the MIDI INPUT->Device->Port of choice->Channel of choice (#2), sending midinotes on channel#1 on same device will still make the VST play.

Is there a way to make Renoise only send midinotes to a specific VST if they match the midichannel that the VST is set to, please?

Any advice would be really appreciated, as this is the last detail in a setup

The channel in the midi input is only for setting up to which channel Renoise should listen to when the specific midi device is playing.
I don’t really get from your description how you completely set this up, by Renoise VST you mean internal instrument? Are you sharing a VST and an internal instrument in the same slot? Then this isn’t the way to go. When you recorded this stuff then while playing Renoise is sending the note to the instrument from within the pattern, it will not split the midi-info into channel 1 and 2 either it simply sends it to it on all channels because the pattern editor can only trigger one channel per note per instrument.
The plugin or synth should each have their own instrument slot. You can then select your preferred midi device for these instruments (not the master) and set the different channels on both instruments. This is working on my case here.