How To Make Water Magnetic?…etic-water.html

I wonder what happens if you put the magnet inside the glass?

it causes a paradox and the universe implodes :o

Just try it i should say… you probably get sticky water that no tissue could wipe off.

The funny thing is, he’s trying to get people to mess around with spinach to get the same effect… when in reality, he’s just got a box that has a camcorder and a light bolted onto it… and the cup’s most likely glued to the bottom. He’s tilting the box and moving his hand accordingly to get the “magnet” effect…

Well, it took a day for someone to finally figure that out.
Yes the water moves to much when the magnet seems to attract it, water doesn’t move that way when it should be attracted to a magnet…

I rather look at the best of brainiac :P

NOOO! It is real! The water is destilled quicksilver.

i havent looked at this yet, but isnt quicksilver the same as mercury? an doesnt mercury evaporate if its at a normal comfortable to human tempurature?

guess I forgot the smiley one post before. ^^ :D

Mercury is the same as quicksilver, but this material is not magnetic.
(and i know because i tried it as a kid when playing with it from a broken thermometer)

hahaah this is the same camera technique as the one where you see the guy walking up the wall to the ceiling an back.


Camera recordings of “live” events is always a good reason for grounded superstition.
You mean that shot of Criss Angel walking up a wall and going back down again.
The moment the producer started talking about “no space for safety nets because he is too close to the wall” is really a bunch off bull and every fireman can underline my remark.
It’s just a matter of copy and paste different scene images into eachother…
They should actually add “Proudly sponsored by Pinnacle” on the end of the picture.

oh no, i was talking about the Classic technique they use, ya know in some older films an even a adidas commercial where the guy was dreaming or somthing. it would have some guy or gal walk up or crawl up the wall then to the ceiling then to the next wall back down an back to the floor. the whole time the camera seems stationary but its moving with the moving box so that it makes it look believable.

i remember theres a few way to do it, one where the box is moving an the camera is stationary, then another where the camera is moving with the box (this one is more believable)

Well one way to do it is indeed the box.
Locations where you can actually experience the illusion yourself are several madhouses in a lot of funparks worldwide. (Cassandra’s Curse, Villa Volta or Hex-Legend of the towers are a few)
Vekoma is one of the manufacturers that produces these attractions.