How to make your music bounce to the beat

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How to make your music bounce to the beat.

Using a LFO + Hydra + Gainer.

If you can not see the DSP list, make sure you have opened the bottom pane and the DSP lanes at the left bottom…

7660 SELECT_LIST_show.jpg

Add to one track with your noise,

these devices in the DSP device list: LFO , Hydra , Gainer

7661 LFO_init.jpg

in the Hydra , set the output device 1

7664 HYDRA_open_out_device_1.jpg

to Gainer as output device 1

7665 HYDRA_select_out_device_1_gainer.jpg

set the output parameter 1

7666 HYDRA_select_out_parameter_1.jpg

to Gain as output parameter 1

7667 HYDRA_select_out_parameter_1_gain.jpg

set the Minimum Value of parameter 1 to -12 dB

7668 HYDRA_select_parameter_1_min_-12.jpg

and set the Maximum Value of parameter 1 to 0 dB

7669 HYDRA_select_parameter_2_max_0.jpg

in the LFO set the LFO Amplitude to 100%

7670 LFO_set_amplitude.jpg

and select the LFO out device

7671 LFO_select_out_device.jpg

set the Hydra as the LFO out device

7672 LFO_select_out_device_hydra.jpg

select the LFO out parameter

7673 LFO_select_out_parameter.jpg

set the Hydra Input as LFO out parameter

7674 LFO_select_out_parameter_input.jpg

set the LFO envelope to “Custom”

7675 LFO_set_custom_envelope.jpg

draw a custom envelope similar to this one. you can add and remove points by double-clicking in the envelope.

7676 LFO_draw_custom_envelope.jpg

set the LFO LPC (Lines Per Cycle of the LFO) equal to your tempo in Lines Per Beat, here: 8

7677 LFO_set_LPC_to_8.jpg

7678 LPB_8.jpg

Put a LFO reset command in the pattern by Right Clicking the LFO Reset button.

after navigating your pattern cursor to the start of the pattern in the track.

7679 LFO_set_reset_pattern_command.jpg

Select the effect lane block and Copy with Ctrl+C, sized equal to your LPB (8 lines here)

7680 select_8_bars.jpg

Repeat-Paste by navigating to the next line in the pattern editor and pressing Ctrl+P

7681 repeat_paste_pattern_command.jpg

You can select multiple target parameters and curves and minimum and maximum values to automate in the Hydra.

7662 HYDRA_init.jpg

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(CHoPS) #2

Nice tutorial!

Correction: you wrote “…equal to your tempo in Lines Per Bar, here: 8”,
but that should read Lines Per Beat.

(EatMe) #3

Nice tutorial!

Correction: you wrote “…equal to your tempo in Lines Per Bar, here: 8”,
but that should read Lines Per Beat.

I fixes.