How to map instrument macro device

Sorry if this has been asked. I was just curious how to map the instrument macro meta device to a vsti parameter/s if possible. Thanks in advance.

Its not. When i saw renoise 3 for the first time i hoped that you can assign macro to some gui parameter.
Or create fx chain with instr. aut device and assign it to macro and save but
Possibilities with VSTi havent changed with R3 (besides phrases) :frowning:

Why use macro for this when you have the *instr. automation meta device?

Because he maybe thought that macro can be assigned by selecting gui parameter, not like instr. aut. meta device that cant.
I was hoping for this with R3 also…

Thanks again guys. I also thought it would be nice being able to assign more than one parameter to a knob instead a automating each individual parameter. Either way I’m still loving renoise glad I made the switch.

I think it should be made possible to assign plugin parameters to a macro as with certain sampler parameters.