How To Midi Control Pattern Effects?

I want to be able to turn a knob on my controller and change the pitch effect and glide. This would be like portamento. Thanks for any help.

There are several possibilities here.
You don’t provide for what type instrument you need this (MIDI, VST plugin or internal)

With midi you can use a MIDI control device in the internal DSP list and pick pitchbend parameter to send to the midi instrument that you desire to control with it. You can then map your knob on your device to that pitchbend parameter of the Midi control device (CTRL+M).
With plugins you can use the Automate Device, pick the instrument containing the VSTI you want to control and then select the specific parameters that allow you to alter the pitch and/or glide and use the same midimapping procedure to map your knob to those controllers.

I think he wants to control internal samples, same as entering values in the Pattern Commands, 01/02 for Pitch slide for example, but using a MIDI controller. I didn’t think this is possible but as not certain hadn’t replied…

Ahh so you can’t map the 01xx(or any of the others) effect to MIDI control? :( Thanks to both of you for the answer. I had midi pitch bend mapped before, but it’s not as interesting as Renoise’s pattern effects.

Pitch bend has it’s own pattern effect value, that’s why you can’t map it to an arbitrary controller. However if you can assign the pitchbend functionality to your knob on your controller internally on the controller itself, you can fool Renoise that you are sending pitchbend information.

Another way would be to use Midi OXE to translate your controller-knob messages to a pitch-bend message and send that to Renoise.
It is not impossible, but it is a bit ackward.

I think it would actually be quite useful to use knobs to control pitch bend and sample offset and some other tracker commands. I can see controlling sample offset very nice with sweep bass samples … and probably a lot of use for doing glitch drums if one used a nice Instrument with good samples.