How to move cursor across pattern borders?

Hey, just starting to use renoise (testing the demo) :slight_smile:

I’d like to move my cursor across the pattern borders. When pressing up/down keys you go one row up or down, but up on the first row of pattern 2 moves to the last row of pattern 2. I want it to move to the last row of pattern 1 please? I see it there, just above my cursor… I want to go there by pressing up… pretty please?

I’m used to OpenMPT, where the cursor moves freely across the borders. I know it’s just the habit and I know I can move patterns in renoise by pressing [ctrl]+[up/down] - but at this very moment navigating in renoise feels like chinese fingercuffs and drives me so crazy it renders me unable to furthersearch for a solution… I just need to ask here… can’t… have… this… navigation… trap… eeeeeek!!

By the way: I have [pos1] and [end] to move to first and last row. I think this loop as default setting is rather redundant and… baaaad. But if there’s an option that works for me, I don’t care what the default is. Any help? :wink:

Applies to scrolling with the mouse wheel on the pattern too. Where’s the lock-icon I need to click to get out of the trap?


Oh, sorry! I just found that ominous icon! Second icon right below the patterns. Meh. At first I was so unable to locate that. Now after posting my eyes just hit it. Problem solved! :smiley:

Bright side: Maybe this one-posting-thread helps the next guy that’s as blind as I am.

Shift+Scroll Lock also toggles this with default keys, it’s good to be able to switch it as needed

Thanks! There I wondered why [Shift]+[Mouse SCROLL] didn’t do the trick - now I realize that [scroll] refers to the [Rollen] key, which is German (“etwas rollen”) for “to roll something”. Haha :slight_smile: