How to Move/Set User Library Path?

Is it possible to change path/move user library to diffrent location since my os drive is too small for that?

I have sdd (32gb) for windows, programs and currenlty have everything considering renoise on my second drive in folder (pre 3.1 user library) :slight_smile:


I leve two step windows howto for someone who needs to move Library to other disk like me:

  1. move “Renoise” directory that is located in “My Documents” to desired location (in my case “D:\Renoise”)

  2. make a hard symlinkthat will act as real folder in “My Documents” via cmd (run as administrator):

" mklink /J link_location real_folder"in my case:

mklink /J C:\Users\Kopias\Documents\Renoise D:\Renoise

  1. run renoise and make some noise :slight_smile:

P.S.never used symlinks on windows before - thx pat

I would like to put in my vote for a configurable User Library path please.

I’m on a Mac. It bugs me when applications decide to put stuff in my Documents folder. I’d rather have the Renoise user library in my ~/Music folder. The symlink workaround is ok but I’m still left with that thing in my Documents folder.

Here’s a similar rant from a long time ago:

Thanks for making this amazing product called Renoise!

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If it’s purely about disk space, symlinks would work. If you want to keep your directory structure clean and you happen to be on Windows, you could just hide the directory (or the symlink, if you’re using one).

On Linux or Mac, you would have to use some kinda sandbox to prevent Renoise from creating the directory in the first place, and then just use the preset system as before.

This is definitely something that should be made configurable (even if it’s not exposed in the options dialog and hidden away in Config.xml).