How To Name Tracks

i often find myself pretty stomped after going trough some of
the tracks that are posted, or linked to me.

So here goes a attempt at shaping you up :lol:

i want to archive your song, put it in my mp3 folder, it would be cool
to have the artist name to keep em sorted right?

heres some examples of good tunes in my archive:
Lee a Low.mp3
… and the list goes on.

if anyone recognizes their track, please post ;D

a general suggestion for these artists: at least put tags into your files, so that the listener can organize your songs using them. there are very useful tools such as MP3tag which also allow the user to rename his files according to the file tags, so vitaxin could use his favourite template to have a consistent and easily searchable archive.

as a bonus, you would be visible in sites such as

I don’t name tracks properly or tag them because I assume they are too lame for anyone to care to save them.

Every artist deserves its share of fans, including you! width =425 height=344[/embed]

I don’t post mine anywhere, never have and never will. The only one who hears my stuff is my dog.

so I’ll tag my files :)

Should we report you for animal cruelty? :slight_smile:

nah, she likes it and barks when the frequencies are only audible to canines.