How To Order A Burger With Style

I love that, although I hate hip hop.

and why do you hate hip hop? hip hop is cool ;)

anyway guys, i finally got my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science today!!! :panic: :w00t: :yeah:

damn that mc-dope employee that interrupts the sped-up order.
it absolutely sounded best… what a pitty.
whatsoever… best mc-donalds order ever nonetheless :)

congrats!# must’ve been a hard time which lies behind you !
so in terms of digital technology, what does a demultiplexer do? ;)

thanks man… :) but i wount tell you what demultiplexer does, not because i dont know, but cause i feel so happy and free right now that i dont want to think about any of that stuff for some time :w00t:

Don’t care for hip-hop myself either but that’s still a cool ass video. Those guys can really throw it down. :)