How to preview multiple phrases at once or in a sequence?

Redux is the first instrument i place on the track and the phrases are the first sequences i usually hear.
So it takes some time before i begin programming Redux from my main daw and i dont like to switch windows all the time.

I make some drum phrases and i wanna preview them
a) multiple at once (once phrase are hihats and the second one si bassdrum) synched. Basically something like Ableton clips do without need of inserting notes representing the phrases into daw or using midi keyboard.

b( in a sequence without interuption. I know that i can use arrows to select another phrase and hit enter to preview it but it isnt very smooth because i am not accurate enough :slight_smile:

Is there any “advanced phrase preview” right now?

Thank You. Renoise does it nice (there is something like shift + enter that select pattern that will be launched after one currently playing)