How To Quickly Apply A Fade-in Automation Curve

this little trick is quite simple yet effective:

when you add a new automation envelope, it starts with a point at the first row, and no point at the last row, this can make cumbersome to create a fade-in x-to-0dB automation.

if you want to make that, firstly flip the curve horizontally, and then create a new point at first line, on level x.

Easier way:
Make an envelope. Hold downs shift and assist the points with your mouse into their desired positions.

If x to 0db is desired then it would most likely be not wise to flip the envelope cuz it shall start from the value of the last automation, and the point will be at that value. If envelope is flipped then the value of the point can may be lost and there could be a jump in value.

Unless of course you are trying to achieve fade to predefined level of envelope. In that case the trick is smart. But that would not be x to 0, but x1 to x2, where x2 contains the value already set and wanted to be faded to.