How To Record A Song?

Hallo overthere,

I allmost finnished my first renoise song, I was wondering how to record it.

Should I record it with wavelab of soundforge, I tried this but strange things happen I think it is beceause of two programs using the same asio

Or can I sample the song totally and save it afterwarts?

Is there a best way to do this? Thanks in advance


If you pay for/register Renoise then you can render to file. This is the best way to “record” your song.



Buy Renoise and you can render to .wav

Yes I know that, I am a registerd user. But I use some midi synths and compressors so renoise goes through my mixing desk together with my midi instruments and than has to go to my audio inputs and record it somehow.

yes the midi hardware outputs has to go into the input of the audio interface. Then each track can be recorded individually into samples via the recording section in the sample editor. After the recording is done simply mute the channels for the midi synths and create new tracks and put the recorded samples att the beginning of the song. If the sync start & stop is set to pattern in the record section and the recording is done from start to end the recordings will be in perfect sync :walkman:

I’’'m sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I don’t mix anything in renoise, I use my mixingdesk for that. Everything (my samples from renoise and my midi instruments) goes through my mixing-desk and has to be recorded somehow.

I have 8 outputs on my audio interface and each renoise track has its own fader, if you know what I mean.

After I put my sweet song in the mix the outs of my mixdesk go into the in of my audiointerface, and that way into my computer again, where I somehow have to record it.

You do that with some other recording app. Or record it to sample if you so desire.

Get a tape-, or dat-recorder or as said record it in another app like cubase on another computer from the outputs on the mixer. I think it is very hard to get one computer running two audio applications flawless while sequencing and recording at the same time. Maybe with two audio interfaces though…

I often run more than 10 audio applications at the same time. Not really a problem

How do you share the asio driver?

Are you telling me that you can’t run more than one audio app together on windows? Haven’t used windows for more serious audio work for more than 7 years. I believe there are ways.

One solution could be to run renoise without Asio driver. Instead the standard windows driver for example. The asio driver will then be “free” for sound forge to use.

Everything will be played with latency though, but at least everything will have equal latency. Dont know how much live fading you are planning but the latency might be a problem.

Okey now I know why I was confused :) Sadly I think that an asio driver can only be used by one app at a time under windows… correct me if I’m wrong but after all windows is well known for it’s lack of audio handling.

I havn’t managed to run renoise and cubase at the same time ever. When cubase has taken the asio driver I can’t get a single sound out of Renoise until I shut down Cubase and reinitialize the driver in Renoise. And also I can’t get no sound out of media player or websites if I have a asio app running.

just record the outputs of your mixer in wavelab or sound forge
Some good freeware audioeditors :

It has been tried allready without any luck.

Any other computers / laptops lying around you could use?

Even old ones would handle a stereo recording just fine.

isn’t sampling in renoise an option? Or isn’t the quality as good as recording in wavelab for instance?

the issue with sampling in renoise in this situation is the signal coming back in will be off because of the latency between renoise your external hardware and it coming back in again. along with the external mixing being done. the line-in for renoise was never designed for this type of thing.

you could buy another soundcard, and use it to record everything into another program, or even another renoise instance.

speaking of another renoise instance, have you tried that using the recording feature while running another instance of renoise?

latency won’t be an issue beceause renoise allso goes through the mixing desk.

can you use another instance of renoise to record the output from the desk?

other than that
don’t know much about your equipment, but the Delta 1010 can run in linux. :)

Why not sample the whole song as it plays in Renoise? if everything is mixed down in the mixer and sent to the input of the interface then I can’t see any problem.

When the sample is recorded it can be saved as .wav and then opened in Sound Forge or any other two-track editor.